MMA Handicapping 101 ?Betting On Mixed Martial Arts Explained?

MMA Handicapping 101 “Betting On Mixed Martial Arts Explained”
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Betting on MMA is by far the hottest sport to bet on. The opportunity to win big money is real if you can find the right fight to bet on. The problem is the people who are betting on these fights don’t know a lot about the sport and are wasting easy ways to earn some extra cash. Here is our Mixed Martial Arts Guide to help you WIN BIG on all MMA events such as UFC, WEC, HD NET and more.
Breaking Down The Mixed Martial Arts Betting Odds
MMA odds are just like any other odds to any other sporting events. There are things that you will usually see when looking at odds for a MMA fight.
UFC 96 Rampage Jackson vs Keith Jardine

Money Line Submission: Knockout Over Under Decision
Jackson -400 Jackson +200 Jackson -100 Over 1.5 +200 Jackson +200
Jardine +250 Jardine +500 Jardine +600 Under 1.5 -105 Jardine +850

Money Lines- The Money line odds are there to see who is favored and who the underdog is. Here is an example of a fight at UFC 96. Rampage Jackson is favored -400. This means that you will have to bet 0 to win 0. For every 0 you lay out you will win a 0 on a victory. Let’s say you want to risk 00 and you win you will receive 0 profit. We will now look at the underdog side. Keith Jardine’s odds are at +250. This means for every 0 you bet you will receive back 0 on a victory. You bet 0 you will win 0 profit. Betting on the money line means that the fighter just has to win it does not matter in what fashion he does it in.
Money lines are not the only thing that you can bet on. You can bet on props as well. Things like Submission Odds Knockout Odds and Over Under Rounds and Decision of the fight.
Rampage Jardine Over Under 1.5 Rounds. Here are the odds above of the over under distance of the fight. The same betting rule applies from above. You are simply betting if the fight will go into the second round. You take the over and goes into the second round then you are a winner.
Submission Odds and Knockout Odds work the same way but there lies a major confusion with this. There are many instances in fights where the referee may stop the fight. When he does so, it can be for one of two reasons. The fighter has either been submitted or the fighter is taking too much punishment and will have to step in and stop it which is also known as a TKO Technical Knock Out, the same as a Knockout.
There are factors should a fight go to a decision. In this case it is a non title fight so it will be after three rounds. The judges will then score the fighter and the winner will be named. If you bet 0 on Jardine to win by decision and he does so you will win 0 for every 0 you bet.
Here are some tips that you want to look at when deciding on who to bet on.
1. There is no such thing as a sure thing. Listen, this is a fight and no matter how big of a favorite a fighter is it is a fight and anything can happen. Think back to when George St Pierre got knocked out by Matt Serra. This is why MMA is so great upsets happen all the time!
2. Look for winning streaks. The best thing for a fighter is confidence if he has a nice win streak going then his confidence is going to be at a all time high.
3. Look where the fight is taking place. George St Pierre got to fight in his hometown of Canada last spring. The entire arena was filled with his fan base. It makes it a lot easier and gives you a lot more confidence when you have thousands of fans screaming your name.
4. Look at past fights. Did the two fighters fight before? Just because they haven’t matched up in the UFC does not mean they have not gone toe to toe in another organization. Remember many of these UFC fighters have fought in the Pride for years before coming to the UFC. See if the two have matched up before and see what the results were.
5. Injury- Do your research many times these fighters obtain injuries due to their tough training regiment. If a fighter has been battling injuries you might want to go the other way.
6. Know the odds. Many times when the lines first come out the lines will change drastically. Make sure you get the best price on your pick Check the lines often and see if your fighter is getting better odds. has the best experts in the business. Our MMA handicappers spend hours and hours researching these fights. For a more detailed breakdown of a fight call 1800-940-8967 and speak to our experts right away.
Feeling More Confident Bet On The Fight Right Now!

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