How To Get A Quick Six Pack: Secrets Of Top MMA Fighters

How To Get A Quick Six Pack: Secrets Of Top MMA Fighters…

Top mma fighters are always in the news revealing their relentless workout routines and top conditioning programs.  And at the end of the day their take on ripped fitness should be considered because they sport some of the most lean and chiseled bodies out their.  MMA news and MMA schools preach that the combination of strength conditioning and aerobics is the keys to a quick six pack, but their just so much information out their I am just going to help you in 4 simple steps on how to get a quick six pack with top mma secrets…

Top MMA Secrets Step #1- Use the whole body.  You’ll turn your metabolism into a fat burning furnace if you incorporate compound movements.  It is truly the secret to ripped fitness.  Compound movements burn more calories and also increase your testosterone.(Testosterone is the hormone for burning fat and gaining muscle) So use exercises like squats,push ups, and any exercise that keep 2 or more muscles at work.  Try to avoid exercises that involve sitting.  Total body movement is the key to a ripped workout. Top MMA Secrets Step #2- Use weight,body weight, and aerobic workouts to achieve a quick six pack.  Because variety is king.  The ab killer is a plateau also known as sticking points, which can stop your body from releasing body fat to be burned.  So don’t let your body get used to the style and workload you plan on doing to achieving ripped abs.  Incorporate circuit routines,HITT,long distance cardio,stretches, and bodybuilding routines to keep the body guessing. Top MMA Secrets Step #3- MMA schools and the UFC talk about their athletes agility and athleticism all the time.  So incorortate athletic routines and plyometrics.  Use jumps,lunges, and rope skipping to achieve ripped fitness. Top MMA Secrets Step #4- The diet is everything.  So what’s the main answer to “How to Get A Quick Six Pack?” “That’s easy.” EAT! The myth that you have to eat very little is not true.  I weigh about 200lbs and when I want to drop a few pounds to look like a top mma fighter I’ll eat as high as 3,000 calories.  Remember it all depends on your fitness level and  weight but understand when you under eat your testosterone drops and your body looses muscle.

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