We shot some quick footage of the introduction to this year’s Main Event final table with Bruce Buffer announcing and the players walking in MMA style with ring girls and entrance songs! Check out what it’s like here in Las Vegas at the WSOP world championship final table! www.pokerlistings.com Video Rating: 5 / 5

***Please don’t ask me for instrumental – I don’t have it anymore, sorry!*** Requested by xmorax3 I know I’ve been uploading quite a lot of videos lately haha. Summer…lots of free time haha. And once I go to college, I probably won’t be able to cover as many videos as before! I didn’t really like this song from taeyang’s actual album, but switching the lyrics into the girl’s point of view makes the song a lot more fun haha. (I like “After You Fall Asleep” and “Take It Slow” from his album.) So yeah, it’s obviously not perfect, but hope you guys enjoy. And I’m sorry to those who are waiting for an English cover. I’ll try to make one asap haha. ***Lyrics*** Tired of being alone Sick of being single I think I need me a boy I need a boy like…. One that speaks without thinking Not a little child, but one that will embrace me Not a boy that plays around sometimes when he’s bored But one that will only love me Even if he stays still, the other girls hand him their phones That kind of boy that will proudly take out and show my picture Boy, I need a boy Good no matter what he does, A good body, too Boy, I need a boy Baby, I need you Boy, you need me, too A kind of boy that looks better in a v-neck than in a regular shirt A boy that will make kimchi fried rice for me because I enjoy eating it A boy who can at times be cute even when he’s old I like that kind of boy (Know what I mean) A boy that acts manly but knows how to be delicate Even if he acts cool in front of others When