Another treat for our fans. Here is a great look back at two of our best fighters just after they made their live event debut in a 40 minute match that became known as the WAR. About 4 weeks later they put on the MMA gloves and sparred in the gym. Our rules are no striking while standing or to the face. Lizzie loves to hit, did kickboxing, and just adores fighting. Cherry had made a major turn in her fighting career by standing up to Lizzie at the Sep 20 2008 Live Event, fighting a 40 minute draw against a girl who at the time was 25 lbs heavier and more experienced. So here they are with striking allowed. Look at how aggressive Cherry is – remember she had NO athletic experience before coming to TUFF just a few months before this was taped. And look at the incredible shape Lizzie is in as she fights back against her competitive rival. We knew these two were special, and this was a super find in our vault. It’s a SEVEN minute fight (no 3 minute rounds with time off in between), which ends when they finally roll off the mats and have to break. Remember, this clip is a year old…so they have improved even more..but even then, after a few months of training, they really got into it. To all of our loyal fans, ENJOY!