It’s what’s on the inside that counts, ladies. But the outside helps…. Follow me on Twitter: Follow Kory on Twitter: Lyrics: I’m on, you don’t do it do ya? Type of girls everybody known to change their picture Go duck face, take bathroom piiiiiiics But do it high cause it’ll make you thinner I’m bout to puke, like I’m sick and got the flu Face all scarred, not a damn thing that I could do Big fang, got a bat up by the nose ring Still got the brains like exchange, girl go change You conceal, you conceal, you conceal Pics on the net, man she looked like she a steal uhh We in the building and I’m thinking to myself This girl is so fake, she flatter than pancakes, okay Adobe well holla when you gettin Photoshop She look good, seemed like I just hit the jackpot Most girls take one, post it without a delay PSCS5 them girls do it at the buffet Me and Kory, we’re about to give ’em a bunch of shit though To all the girls hot online and really look like hippos I’mma needa liter Margarita, you a cheater She know if she hot in pics then I really need to meet her Aohhh, That’s how I feel man That’s really how I feel Cause these girls ice cold and I don’t even wanna chill I mean maybe I won’t Then again maybe I will I can almost guarantee her pics conceal, Real women, what’s up? Pretty in the photos Turns out she a hobo You only cute online: that’s the motto call it YOCO And we see it every day, every day, every day Like we the book of Video Rating: 4 / 5