By popular demand here is the 2nd clip from the incredibly rough match NOW AVAILABLE as TUFF 09029 ( Go support the girls so we can bring you more of these fights. If you follow TUFF, you know Lizzie (in blue). She is 5’6, 160 lbs of gorgeous muscle and fight. Like all TUFF girls, she has many fans who love to see her fight. Fox, (in green) whose name is also Lizzy (but with a Y), is a cute tough high school wrestler from Florida who came this weekend to join TUFF. Fox has been wrestling guys for years, and was excited to learn about TUFF. She is a carbon copy of Lizzie, also 5’6, 160 lbs of muscle and fight. When we filmed the video, we had them flex together side by side first, and it’s remarkable. Fox quickly picked up some of the moves unique to the MMA / TUFF style of fighting, and was ready for her first real fight after sparring with Bria, Lizzie and Cherry in the two days previous. Now..about the fight…the fight went 30 rough minutes to conclusion, with the only stoppage being the one that ENDED the fight. 30 continuous rough minutes of these two skilled, muscular, intense fighters. After the flexing, there is a stare down….and then one girl pushes/slams the other girl in the chest and the fight starts. This video has already broken our record for first day sales….if you have not downloaded it from our site, view this clip and see just how hard the girls were fighting later in the 30 minutes…no let up…two incredible warriors. Video Rating: 4 / 5